Sexual Healing (2019) 0.0分

Sexual Healing

类型: 卡通动漫
地区: 欧美
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演员: 未知  
导演: 内详  

STARRING : Alexa Grace

STUDIO : Babes

RELEASED : May 09, 2017

RELEASED : When Ricky Johnson's at-home masseuse rings his doorbell, she's a lot blonder, sexier, and fuckable than he'd ever dreamed. As Alexa Grace breezes passed with her massage table, Ricky breathes in her jasmine perfume and feels dizzy with desire. So, the black hunk devises a naughty little plan! Throwing himself to the ground, Ricky clutches his knees and fakes an injury, as his BBC slips seductively into Alexa's view. But the shy beauty keeps her composure, suggesting calmly that Ricky get back onto the table. The muscled hunk doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with Alexa, until she offers him a therapeutic handjob that turns into a blowjob, then a full-on fucking in every position imaginable. Turns out, his foxy masseuse is a true believer in sexual healing!

Categories : Interracial, Work Fantasies, Outdoors, Sex, Handjob, Deep Throat, Face Fuck, Spanking, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Blowjob, Indoors, Doggystyle (Lying), Side Fuck

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